Although current reasons have made us shut down our retail markets at the local green markets, you can still find great Artisan Cheese shopping online here.

This like every thing else, takes time and patience and we are working diligently to make the experience as simple as possible. I have added and order form below in which you can specify what cheeses, and add-ons, you wish.

The order request will come directly to me and I will contact you to confirm, your order, payment and delivery information. Please make sure to fill out the form completely.

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If you experience any problems ordering, please contact me with your issue. My hopes are to move to a ‘cart’ feature and eliminate the order form. But, in the meantime, you can use the form below to order and have delivered any of our Artisan Cheeses, Meats or other products.

Below is a list of all our current products and cost information. You can click on the list for an enlarged view. For more information on any of our cheeses, please view our cheese product listings or use the Search Feature on the Navigation Bar.

Cheese List

Avonlea Cheedar -CanadaCow14.008 oz
Baetje BloomdaleGoat16.00each
Beemster Gouda – HollandCow13.008 oz
Beitje Assort Goat HeartsGoat11.008 oz
Bellavitano RosemaryCow11.008 oz
Bellavitano BalsamicCow11.008 oz
Bellavitano Black PepperCow11.008 oz
Bellavitano EspressoCow11.008 oz
Bellavitano MerlotCow11.008 oz
Bellavitano WhiskeyCow11.008 oz
Blue Stilton -EnglandCow12.008 oz
Campo De MontalbanMixed13.008 oz
Carr Valley Apple Smoked CheddarCow

13.008 oz
Carr Valley MenageMixed13.008 oz
Cheddar Grafton 2 yr- VermontCow8.008 oz
Comte- FranceCow13.008 oz
Delice De Bourgogne -FranceCow15.00Each
Drunken Goat – SpainGoat11.008 oz
Garroxta -SpainGoat14.008 oz
Goat Gouda – HollandGoat10.008 oz
Gorganzola Dolce – ItalyCow12.008 oz
If ordering Baetje Goat Hearts, keep in mind there are 6 varieties. Plain, Herb, De Provence, Garlic Basil, Pepper, Orange Cranberry and Chocolate Raspberry. You can order a heart and I will email you back to confirm which one you want.
Gorgonzola PiccanteCow12.008 oz
Gruyere Swiss Cow13.008 oz
Humbolt FogGoat16.008 oz
Massdam Baby SwissCow5.008 oz
Manchego – SpainSheep12.008 oz
Midnight Moon Gouda – CAGoat16.008 oz
Mimolette – FranceCow13.008 oz
Moliterno Tartufo – ItalySheep16.008 oz
Montasio – ItalyCow8.008 oz
Naked Goat – SpainGoat11.008 oz
Ossau Iraty – FranceSheep14.008 oz
Parmigiano Reggiano – ItalyCow12.008 oz
Pecorino Romano – ItalySheep7.008 oz
Red Dragon Cheddar w/Must UKCow12.008 oz
S.B. Ashbrook – VermontCow12.008 oz
S.B.Reading – VermontCow12.008 oz
Saint Angel Brie – FranceCow10.008 oz
Shropshire Blue – EnglandCow12.008 oz
Sottocerne w/Truffel- Italy Cow16.008 oz
Tallegio – ItalyCow10.008 oz


Hot Dry Sausage – AlpsPork12.00each
Hot Sopressata – AlpsPork16.00each
Sweet Dry Sausage -AlpsPork12.00each
Sweet SopressataPork16.00each
Pate -CampagnePork/chicken9.95each
Pate – ChampignonMushroom9.95each
Pate- Muosse TruffeTruffels 9.95each
Volpi Salame Pinot GrigioPork8.95each
Volpi Salame ChiantiPork8.95each


2’s Crackers – Pepper3.50each
2’s Crackers – Sesame3.50each
2’s Crackers-Cranberry/ Pumpkin5.00each
2’S Crackers- Gojiberry/coconut5.00each
Craize Crackers – Coconut5.00each
Craize Crackers – Sweet Corn5.00each
Croatian Fig Spread6.00each
Davina FIg Jam6.00each
Davina Wild Cherry Jam6.00each
La Panzanella Crackers4.50each

If you see a grey Strike-through on a particular item, we are currently out of that product. Please also keep in mind that you may see those items in the drop down menu item lines, however Until You See The Strike Through Removed, The Product will not be available. When the item is back we will remove the Strike Through

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    Local area Chefs or cheese shops? Do you have a place that make’s it easy to acquire  great Artisan cheeses?  Please allow me to speak with you about carrying some of the finest from the cheese maker’s I work with and represent for your customer’s table.